Fish Meadow and Little Fish Meadow

are located on the East side of the river Severn in the picturesque town of Upton on Severn. Both sites are well-established venues offering facilities for camping and caravanning within easy walking of all festival activities. Once parked up there is no need to drive off site until your departure.

What We Can

Little Fish

Is a 4 acre field with running water, toilet, 40 electric hook-up points, secure boundary & gates. Can be hired as a whole, (suitable for Caravan Club events etc) or available over summer weekends as a Caravan park and campsite.


Fish Meadow is a large, flat, 75 acre field with good access direct to the public road. A picturesque venue with 800m of river frontage suitable for Caravan rallies, car clubs, events and festivals. Water and electric available on request.


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Festivals and Events

Bookings for the weekend of the Blues Festival, 15 – 17 July, should be made directly through the festival -


Car boot sales – From April to October, monthly car boot sales on second Sunday of the month. Cars at £6, trailers at £7 and vans at £8

Where we are
East Waterside

Upton on Severn

Office:01684 592 322

Oliver:07788 441 612

Peter :07811 946 698

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Terms and Conditions
Campsite Rules

Campsite Rules,General Responsibilities and Conditions. We welcome you to the Little Fish Meadow/Fish Meadow Campsite (“the Campsite”). Please note that any one or combination of the following acts implies your acceptance of these terms and conditions - the completion of the booking form, payment in part or full and or entry onto the site. We (“the Organisers”) have drawn up these rules for your benefit, and ask all campers to abide by these rules to ensure that your stay will be pleasurable and at the same time respecting the other campers and local community.


may vary. Please contact us for current prices.

It is the responsibility

of all campers to ensure that no damage is caused to the Campsite. Your allocated pitch and the whole Campsite should be respected and kept in a clean and orderly condition. Please show consideration for other campers and our neighbours at all times.

No tent or caravan

should be closer than 6 meters to any other caravan or tent on an adjacent pitch nor closer than 3 meters to any boundary fence or hedge. Cars may be parked between caravans or tents provided they are not parked closer than 1 meter to a caravan or tent in the same occupancy and at least 3 meters from caravans or tents of other occupancies. A carriageway of at least four meters will be maintained between rows.

If you do not plan to use a hook up facility

choose a pitch away from the electric hook ups – or you may be requested to move.

All pitches are allocated on arrival

if you wish to camp near to friends please arrange to arrive at the same time.

Arrival times:

The Campsite will be open from midday. The entrance will be clearly signposted. Please see site attendant or call one of the numbers provided – you will then be guided to your allocated pitch. Please note that we are unable to allow caravans/campers to move on to their pitch between 22.00 hours and 06.00 hours for reasons of health and safety and the convenience of other campers. Please time your arrival accordingly.

Departure Times:

All caravans/campers must have vacated the Campsite by 12.00 hours on day of departure.

Location of Campsite:

The Campsite is ideally located within easy walking distance of Upton town.


There will be toilets, an elsan facility, an easy access toilet and a fresh water supply. Please remember to leave the facilities as you would wish to find them.


Children under 16 will have free camping. Parents should ensure that children are not left unattended.

Campsite Etiquette:

Please show consideration for other users of the Campsite by not causing noise, playing radios/music too loudly, etc. Please dispose of all rubbish, litter etc in the bins provided. If a user of the Campsite does not show due consideration, the Organisers reserve the right to cancel their booking at which point they will have to immediately leave the Campsite.

A quiet site policy:

Campers are requested to avoid excessive noise at all times, being quiet between the hours of 24.00 hours and 07:00 hours. (Those who do not comply may be asked to leave the site at the discretion of the Organisers.)


Dogs must be kept under close control at all times, exercised away from camping areas, and any mess cleared up immediately.

All Vehicles:

A 5 mph speed restriction will be observed at all times.

Fire points:

The Organisers will ensure that there are adequate fire points and a system of raising the alarm in the event of fire.


Bulk storage of liquefied petroleum gas will not be permitted. Campers are permitted only to bring sufficient LPG for their own use during the event.

Fires and barbeques:

Open fires and/or disposable barbeques are not permissible but you are welcome to bring charcoal or gas barbeques provided they are raised off the grass and are suitably sited and attended so that they are not a hazard to other campers.

Site Security:

It is strongly recommended that, no valuables are left unattended. Campers who do leave valuables unattended do so at their own risk and the Organisers shall not be liable for the loss, theft or damage of any items left unattended.

Petrol/Diesel Generators:

For reasons of noise and for health and safety these are not allowed on the Campsite. The only generator permitted within the Campsite is the special silent unit provided by the Campsite Organisers for supply of power to shower and toilet units as necessary. Any generators found operating on the Campsite other than those mentioned above will be shut down. If a user of the caravan/Campsite persists in using an unofficial generator they will be asked to leave by the Organisers.


The Campsite Organiser’s reserve the right to ask any group to vacate the site and make good any damage caused.


The Campsite Organisers and Campsite staff shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property or personal injury sustained whilst on the Campsite premises, howsoever caused. The Campsite Organisers shall not be held liable for refunds in the event of adverse weather conditions or for any other reason, including any Force Majeure Event, which might lead to visitors terminating early or cancelling their stay on the site.

Force Majeure Events

Whilst the Organisers will use all reasonable endeavours to mitigate the effect of any Force Majeure Event and attempt to secure and offer alternative facilities, the Organisers shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in performance of any obligations under this agreement due to a Force Majeure Event. For the purposes of this agreement, a Force Majeure Event shall mean any of the following: fire, explosion, water-logged ground, flood, windstorm, lightning, Act of God, natural disaster, act of terrorism, war, rebellion, riot, sabotage, strike, disease, interruption or failure of utility service (including but not limited to water, electricity or gas), collapse of building structures, failure of machinery or any events, acts, omissions, accidents or circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Organisers.

Customer service contact details:

Fish Meadow Camping, Ryall’s Court Farm, Upton on Severn, Worcester, WR8 0PF 01684 592322

We hope that you understand the need for these simple rules and appreciate that they are for the benefit of all who stay at the campsite.

The owners of Little Fish Meadow/Fish Meadow Campsite hereby reserve their right to transfer all liabilities, assets and contractual responsibilities to a successor of their choice and without prior notification.

Click here to download these terms and conditions.